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I made this game in 29 days, (not including the time taken to write this post). It was based off an idea from /r/gameideas. The central game mechanic is typing words to jump. As usual, this game is made for #1GAM.

This time around I found translating it into Esperanto and French very difficult as many of the puzzles revolve around English spelling irregularities or length. That's why the French and Esperanto translations may be lacking in some areas. Sorry for that! But in general the translations are OK. The Esperanto translation is more complete than the French, though. Kamparano is currently trying to fix the Esperanto translation (but he hasn't sent his revised files yet).

Unfortunately I haven't switched to systemJS yet, but I think I'll take a break from gamedev and learn how to do it. Deploying the game itself was much easier because of my new makefile and the fact that accepts .zip files. The other reason that I've deployed it to itch is because my game's width is too large for my site and would break the design.

The game is licensed under the GPL≥3. It's code is available here. The artwork is under CC-BY-SA. The name comes from an in-joke between me and a friend.


Mi faris ĉi tion ludilon en 29 tagoj, (ne kun la skriba tempo de ĉi enskribo). Estas baziĝis sur ideo el /r/gameideas. La ĉefa ludila sistemo estas la tajpado de vortaro por salti. Kiel ordinaire, Tion ĉi ludilon faris por #1GAM.

Ĉi fojo, mi trovis la tradukadon je la franca kaj esperanto tre malfacila ĉar multaj da puzloj funkcias kun angle malregulaĵoj kaj longo vorta. Tio estas kial la esperanta kaj france tradukaĵoj mankas foje. Pardonu min! Sed en generale la tradukaĵoj bonetas. La esperanta tradukaĵo mankas malpli ol la france. Ankaû, Kamparano helpos min repari la esperanta tradukon.

Malfeliĉe, mi ne ŝangis al systemJS nune, sed mi prenas paûzo el ludfarado por tion farlerni kaj fari. Deplojado ludila estas pli pli facile ĉar mi faris novan fara skripto («makefile») kaj prenas .zip-an dosieron. La alia kaûzo kial mi uzas estas ke la ludilo estas tro larĝe por mia retejo kaj malreparus desegnon.

Kiel ordinaire, la ludilo estas laû la permisilo GPL≥3, kaj ĝia kodo estas tie ĉi. La «arto» estas laû la CC BY-SA premisilo. La nomo estas nekonblago kun mia amikoj.


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The only problem with this game is that it is really hard, one can debate whether that is a good thing or not, sure, but I ended up getting frustrated after the first two difficulties and stopped playing. Apart from that it is a game with a cool concept I just wish you would make the textures look nicer. Sure you can say: "What's the point?", I think a lot of people would agree that having some textures following a theme is a nice thing that can only contribute to your game. As a side note, the full screen mode is blurry.

I know that it's hard but from what I've seen most people (me, internet strangers, friends) can generally get past level 10. I think that the "textures" (=graphics, it's not a 3D game) are very minimalist, which is a style I have adopted. I recognise the importance of graphics, but I will point to very successful games with minimalist graphics: (not totally minimalist but still pretty minimalist)

Ultimately considering the fact that my last game took 29 days to make, I wouldn't be able to make the 30 day deadlines anymore.